Borough of Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania
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Hanover Borough Stormwater Authority
In 2017, The Borough Council undertook an effort to evaluate the extent of their stormwater management program and related services.  The Borough must operate under a water quality permit known as an MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) permit from the PaDEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection).  The Borough of Hanover has shifted in organizational structure creating a single entity that is tasked with the implementation of the Borough's Stormwater Management Program.  The Authority is staffed with appointed Council and community members and will have a separate budget funded by the collection of a utility fee.  The intent of the authority is to provide another tool to begin to proactively manage how the Borough will address Stormwater in order to comply with new State and Federal regulations.
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Board Members:

  William W. Reichart, II
  R. Daniel Noble
  Jeanine Pranses
  Bruce Jendras
  Zachary Sheerer

The Hanover Borough Stormwater Authority  passed the billing rate during public session on Thursday, January 10, 2019 as $66.44 per ERU (Equivalent Residential Billing Unit).
Additional information and questions may be directed to R. Samuel Miller, Director of Finance/Treasurer, or Falyn Morningstar, MS4 Coordinator at (717) 637-3877    or
2019 PMAA Annual Conference
September 9th and September 10th, 2019 Falyn Morningstar, MS4 Coordinator, representing the Borough of Hanover Stormwater Authority and consultant, Virginia Thornton, from Gannett Fleming, presented to a group of individuals at the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association. The audience that attended the presentation were individuals interested in learning more about the evolution of stormwater utilities in PA as well as hearing the unique approach the Borough of Hanover took to develop the Stormwater Authority. It was a wonderful opportunity to help others try to solve their concerns as stormwater regulations increase and it showcased the hard work put into this program.