Snow Emergency Regulations

Snow Emergency Policy

To improve snow plowing conditions for the Winter Season, Hanover Borough Council is re-emphasizing the snow emergency routes where on-street parking is prohibited during significant snowfalls, announced as snow emergencies on WHVR Radio AM1280. Announcements of snow emergencies will be made as early as possible as snowfalls develop.

Fines & Towing

Vehicles parked on snow emergency routes after the announcement of the emergency will be towed and fined, at the owner's expense. Arguments that a vehicle is not operational will not be considered. Vehicle owners are notified; it is their responsibility to assure vehicles are operational or off the snow emergency routes, or fines and towing costs will be assessed. Vehicles will be impounded and can be released only after contacting the Hanover Police Department.

Use of private lots is subject to suspension by the private property owners, signs on the sites must be obeyed and parking on these cooperating lots is subject to the rules of those lot sites.

It is Hanover Borough Council's hope that by strictly enforcing snow emergency routes we can improve plowing and local roadway travel during and after storms.

Private Plowing

Private plowing services are reminded snow may not be piled or plowed onto public streets or adjacent private property; in fact, private plows are not permitted to plow public streets, violators will be fined.

Shoveling Crews

Please call 637-3877 where a registry of shoveling crew services will be maintained for citizens seeking assistance.

Fire Hydrants

The Fire Department sincerely appreciates your efforts not to cover hydrants with snow, and your assistance with clearing snow away from hydrants for the benefit of the safety of the entire community.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

The sidewalk snow removal ordinance requires all sidewalks in Hanover Borough to be cleared of snow for at least a width of four feet, twenty-four hours after the end of a snowfall. 

Properties within the Central Business District, Downtown, must clear a six-foot-wide walkway within ten hours after the end of a snowfall or if the snowfall ends between 5 pm and midnight, they have until the following noon to clear the sidewalk. 

Walks with congealed snow and ice which cannot be cleared must be spread with an anti-skid material such as rock salt, cinders, sand or kitty litter the required four to six-foot width noted above, within the times listed. Please do not throw snow out on public streets.