Quick Facts

Borough of Hanover Facts & Figures

  • The Borough of Hanover lies in southern York County, PA and has a population of 16,430 at the 2020 Census.
  • The Borough covers an area of 4.8 square miles.
  • The Borough owns approximately 2,500 acres of woodland area in the watershed areas that contribute flow to Sheppard-Myers and Lawrence Baker Sheppard reservoirs.
  • The Borough also owns a 150-acre tract of land near Lineboro, Maryland that was formerly the Blackrock Landfill (now decommissioned).

Water / Sewer / Stormwater Facts & Figures

  • The Borough services approximately 41,000 citizens in the surrounding area with water and sewer.
  • The Borough stormwater system as a whole consists of approximately 21 miles of stormwater piping of varying sizes, 900 stormwater inlets, and 35 regulated outfalls.
  • Within the Borough, there are 15 miles of stormwater piping of varying sizes and 628 stormwater inlets that are privately owned. There are approximately 100 miles of sanitary sewer lines within the Borough.
  • There are approximately 211 miles of water lines, ranging in size from 8: to 36", not including water service lines extending to and into residences/commercial properties.
  • The Borough maintains 60 miles of streets and 25 miles of paved alleys. 

Staff / Employees

  • The Borough consists of 140 to 170 full time employees, 15 part time employees, and 300 volunteers who serve on various committees, boards, and other service groups.